GIS Positions Available at Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis, IN

from Chuck O’Hara, Senior GIS and Remote Sensing Leader at Dow AgroSciences LLC:

GIS at Dow AgroSciences (DAS), Indianapolis, IN, is growing, and DAS is looking to identify people with passion and expertise in geospatial data development, management, services, geoprocessing, automation, and application development. Emerging opportunities to be a geospatial subject matter expert (SME) at Dow range from full time to contract to part time student positions.

If you are a student, graduate, or a soon-to-be graduate, with knowledge, skill, capabilities, and passion for all things geospatial please contact Dr. Charles O’Hara,, to discuss your interests and possible opportunities at Dow AgroSciences to put your passion and talents to work!

Videos from our Spring Semester GIS Speaker Series – Guest Speaker David Bodenhamer

In April we hosted our inaugural GIS Speakers Series event on campus.  David Bodenhamer, Professor of  History and Informatics and Executive Director of the Polis Center at IUPUI, graciously agreed to be our first speaker. The event was a resounding success and we plan on continuing with our speaker series this academic year. Please stay tuned for times and dates.

Video of the presentation:

Interview with David J. Bodenhamer.

GIS Developer in Denver, CO

ATA Services, Inc. in Denver, Colorado is hiring a full time GIS developer. Responsibilities include designing, developing, testing, implementing, and maintaining applications and programs/scripts/tools, etc. supporting a wide variety of client applications and programs. This position also serves to advise on issues regarding GIS development and associated spatial data. Application deadline is May 17, 2014.

I found this position by searching GIS jobs in Google, and I went to the GIS Jobs Clearinghouse website.

Link to job advertisement:



GIS Web Developer/Analyst

       Prime Source Technologies is looking to hire a GIS Web Developer/Analyst. The job is located in Vienna, VA and is a full time position focusing on GIS application through the web. They are looking for a candidate who has experience with GIS application development using ESRI ArcGIS, .Net, C#, Web services, SQLServer and Oracle. The position requires 3-5 years experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in GIS, Geography, Engineering, Computer Science or any other related field. Candidates must have good analytical skills that allow them to identify risks and come up with solutions by creating user-friendly applications. They must be an “expert” in working with ESRI ArcGIS and the extensions associated with that software. Experience working with GPS technology is also a must as candidates will need these skills to develop spatial models and maps. was used to find this job posting. “GIS” was typed in the search box, and the job was found by going down the list provided. There was no location restriction, so any location was available.


Job Posting on

GIS/GPS Technician in Downers Grove, IL

GIS/GPS Technician in Downers Grove, IL

As local municipalities learn of the growing use of GIS, more and more are looking to hire on GIS professionals. The Village of Downers Grove in Downers Grove, Illinois is now one of them. The Village is looking for a GIS/GPS Technician to help manage GIS/GPS data for their municipality. This job is related to the general GIS and mapping field with a topic related to public services. The job will be on a part-time basis (20 hours per week) with a starting salary of $26.79 per hour. If hired, applicants would be responsible for managing all GPS needs for the Village, collecting GPS data and importing it to GIS, the creation and update of maps, training others to use GPS technology, coordinate GPS data collection between various departments, and conducting some research, as needed, for the Village. Applicants would be working under the Village’s GIS Specialist and with the Village’s Director of Business Technology.

GIS skills that would be necessary include extensive knowledge of GPS equipment and techniques as well as experience using ESRI ArcGIS software. Applicants must be willing to work in adverse weather. Preference will be given toward those that know how to use Leica GPS equipment and have knowledge of asset management software. A BS degree in GIS or other related fields is preferred but exceptions will be made for adequate education and work experience in the field. There is no application deadline for this position, so one must assume it will be filled on a first come, first served basis. This job was posted on 4/29/2014.

I found this job posting by searching Google with the phrase “Open GIS Jobs.” That brought me to a site known as The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse, GJC for short, found at From there one had many options to pick from, so I chose the most recent position that was fit for entry-level employment.

GJC Posting:

Application Link:

GIS Analyst/Programmer in Phoenix, AZ

The Phoenix Fire Department Regional Dispatch System in Phoenix, Arizona is looking for a GIS analyst and programmer. This position will have a variety of responsibilities including maintenance of two ArcGIS servers, analyzing statistics, developing ArcMap add-ins as well as many others. This position requires applicants that have at least one year of object oriented programming (python, java etc), two years experience with ArcMap and being able to work weekends, holidays and third shifts. This job will remain open until they feel they have received a desirable amount of applicants.

I found out about this position while searching through links offered in ESRI’s “careers in GIS” tab. This listing is on This was the first job to catch my eye because of the location and it luckily fit the requirements.

You can apply here:

If you need any assistance in applying contact HR at 602-262-6277

Quantum Spatial: Geospatial Intern, Georgia

Quantum Spatial is North America’s largest full-service geospatial solutions company.  Their capabilities include the acquisition, analysis, integration, and management of geospatial data.  Their services have strategic value in numerous applications, from habitat assessment and land use planning, to regulatory compliance, engineering design, and disaster preparedness.  Quantum Spatial works with clients in the transportation, environmental, and government sectors.

Quantum Spatial, located in Norcross, Georgia, is looking for an entry-level type of Geospatial Intern to add to their staff.

Their services include catographic, survey, remote sensing / LiDAR, geospatial analysis, siting, and software development.

The Geospatial Intern will be responsible for supporting Geospatial Technicians, Analysis, Developers, and Project Managers with GIS tasks such as data, research, cartographic, and documentation/reporting, just to name a few.  They would like experience and familiarity with Esri suite products, and preference will be given to those with experience in Spatial Analyst, Model Builder, Python, etc.  The length of the internship is 90 days, with the potential for extension/renewal at the end of the internship.  This is a paid internship position, and pay will be based upon the current job market and the experience of the applicant.  Traveling may be required, but the position is mainly in-office based.

No application deadline was posted, but interested candidates must email their resume with cover letter to: Katherine Putnam at

For questions regarding the position, you may call Patrick Baber at 770 – 564 – 9843

This position was found by searching “GIS positions” on Google and going through websites until I found, “GIS Jobs Clearinghouse” at

The position: